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Why does the Caged bird sing?    (for J.S.)


A meditation on what sparks the creative impulse, while reflecting on the works of John Cage, among others.


Hidden in the I Ching,

or Dimension Z

or perhaps The Book of Kells,

like a Rosetta stone, a rosary, or rose -

who knows?

is a curiosity,

a singular key (drink me, eat me),


to the creative enterprise,

to composition,

of poetry or prose,

to writing, mesostic

or painting, encaustic

to dancing on the head of a pin.


A small etude, string theory,


opposites reconciled, once again

or forever,

physics and poetry

in a brand new paradigm

singing the body electric

transcending rhyme.



In the stillness is the dancing.

The music of the spheres is linear, is light.

My little grey cells ring like bells

In the crystal cathedral of a starry night.



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