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Life – genome to galaxy 



Cells and molecules,
atoms and quarks,
and the way
DNA sparks

 genes on or off
in vast dark spaces

entwined, endowed 
with hidden codes,
for vital proteins,
blue eyes or brown,

the question of gender 
flesh or fur,

tough or tender,

fin or feather;
all together natural

 yet magical, mysterious;

especially the curious

 continum between molecular biology 
and the cosmology of stars…

constellations, spiral galaxies,
whirling out of sight
recapitulate the swirling

 sperm and egg,
DNA unfurling

 from its chromosomes,
to light up our life,

our myriad lives,

on planet Earth, 
our blue-green place 

in the Milky Way
spinning deep in outer space,
out of sight, out of mind,

beyond time, once upon a time...


And yet,
our hearts beat

 at the vanishing point,
that thin place,
of comprehension;
an inner holy space,

that dimension
from which we see, 

like a paradigm shift,
with all our  senses,     
plus the sixth, 

beyond belief 

deep into mystery,
through subtle symmetry.


And yet,

the paradox remains,

 like the serpent, unexplained
within the garden,

 and coiled within our cells.
And yet,

behind the scarlet letters

 of evil or malignancy,
the golden ones, benign,

bless us with a Numinous

and Divine Calligraphy. 

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