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City Hide-away  (Seattle)


Down where the water meets the sky

and cormorants hang out their wings to dry


and the dreaming mallards smooth as stones

lie among old bottles and bones


down I go on a warm-wind day

to my secret city hide-away


where fish flash in and out of sight

in water filled with emerald light


and turtles sprawl on a mossy log

sharing the sun with a little frog


and the great blue heron goes flying by

rowing his boat through a summer sky.


This is where I like to go

when my heart is heavy, my spirits low


where the red-winged blackbird sings its song

calling my spirit to sing along


down where a bottle washed up by the sea

might contain a message for me 


and sea glass hidden in the sand

becomes a key within my hand


unlocking dreams and opening doors

deep within, to unknown shores.


This is where my heart belongs

where mermaids sing their siren songs 


and I can turn a sea glass key

releasing Nature’s mystery


and read the runes instead of the news

and chase away those city blues.

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