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The Dazzling Darkness – a Christmas poem


“There is, some say, in the heart of God, a deep but dazzling darkness.” (Henry Vaughn)

Deep down,


far beneath and beyond

the darkness 

that surrounds us

that seems to cover us

and sometimes smother

the shire,

and our small candle,


there is a fire

burning bright.


In the center of the night,

in the very heart of darkness

embers glow.


Flames flicker, flower-like,

red as roses, 

or strawberries in the snow -


like a Rembrandt painting 


dark and cold 

but for the halos

of angels or Jesus


bright as gold.


Tongues of flame


a circle in the night

and animals are dancing

in a labyrinth of light.


The air is full of wings.


Something holy sings,


and Someone 

sweet as Christmas

brings us Home.


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