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Cat & birds.jpg

Backyard Birding… with cat


Chickadees cling upside down

And swing

Beneath the finches flickering

red and gold and bickering


Near nuthatches 

At their ease

Clipped to the trunks

And limbs of trees 


while the Flicker at rest

In red cravat and dotted vest

has figured out the feeder’s key

upside down diagonally.


Juncos in their velvet caps

Hop about like jumping jacks

Wrens snap their tails

The quail come running...


While the cat,

that under-footman, 

that court jester in the house,

may have to settle for a mouse


because in sudden insurrection

without a glance in his direction

all the birds have flown away!

But tomorrow is another day…

purrs the cat.

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